Bentley Orlando & Bang & Olufsen of Winter Park

Bentley Orlando & Bang & Olufsen of Winter Park

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Bentley Orlando, a premium automobile dealership, aimed to expand its presence on digital platforms and increase its footprint in the local community, with a particular emphasis on attracting more women to the brand. The client desired to promote car sales and organize an event for this purpose. However, the challenge lay in reaching the right audience and ensuring their attendance at the event.

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Market Research

Our initial approach involved delving into the customer demographic for Bentley. Contrary to our initial assumption, Bentley’s clientele wasn’t confined to a specific demographic. Instead, in Orlando, it predominantly comprised entrepreneurs and business owners aged 40 and above. These individuals highly appreciate the latest trends, performance, style, luxury, and the sporty driving experience that Bentley provides.

Event Conceptualization

To attract the target demographic, we decided to celebrate women of financial success. Instead of solely focusing on their community and charitable contributions, we chose to honor their financial achievements too. We identified four successful women entrepreneurs who had built their businesses from the ground up and made them the focus of our event.

Content Creation

We aimed to craft meaningful content in the lead-up to the event. Conducting photo shoots with these four women at their homes or locations that reflected their personalities, we also filmed interviews about their journeys and their connection with the Bentley brand. These interviews took place at the Bang & Olufsen store, one of our event sponsors, adding a layer of brand integration to the content. Subsequently, this content was shared across multiple platforms, offering exposure to Bentley, the event, and the women involved.

Event Execution

The event was structured as a panel discussion featuring the four women we’d highlighted. We ensured that the panel was engaging by preparing well-researched questions, based on our prior interviews with them. To manage time effectively during the event, we showed a five-minute video featuring highlights from the interviews.

This event served multiple purposes. It celebrated financially successful women, allowed the audience (comprised of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members) to learn from these incredible women, and provided a platform for Bentley and Bang & Olufsen to showcase their brands.

Post-Event Activities

We continued our engagement post-event by sharing additional snippets from the interviews and thanking all the participants. This has ensured a steady stream of engaging content for Bentley, keeping its brand in the spotlight even after the event.

Results of Bentley Orlando’s Campaign

This creative campaign successfully met the client’s goals, drawing nearly 80 individuals into the dealership and providing digital content for an extended period. While it’s too early to measure the impact on car sales, the campaign undoubtedly increased Bentley’s exposure among a diverse community and emphasized its appeal to successful women entrepreneurs. The case also underscores the value of thorough market research, thoughtful event conceptualization, strategic content creation, and effective execution in achieving marketing goals.

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