Who We are

We are a team of creatives who believe in the power of storytelling. Our mission?

To craft captivating narratives that revolve around brands, their missions and their community.

What we believe in


We embrace creativity and forward-thinking to pioneer innovative solutions that set new standards in the marketing landscape.

Passion for Excellence

We are driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring every project reflects our dedication to quality, creativity, and client satisfaction.

Client-Centric Approach:

Clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize understanding their unique needs, delivering tailored solutions, and exceeding expectations.

Integrity & Trust

We conduct business with honesty, transparency, and integrity, building trust with clients, partners, and team members alike.


In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, we embrace change, staying nimble and adaptive to new trends and technologies.

Creativity as a Lifestyle

Creativity is not just a job; it’s a way of life. We encourage and celebrate creativity in all aspects, from brainstorming sessions to daily operations.

Our Team

Lene Allen

Lene Allen - Founder & CEO

Meet Lene – our founder and strategic marketing guru! With over 15 years of experience in building brands and teams, she knows how to elevate a company to new heights. Focusing on the luxury automotive industry, Lene has promoted brands like Audi and Porsche on both national and dealer levels. She is a pro at catering to customers’ needs with a global brand message that hits home.

But that’s not all! While working for the State of Florida’s Economic Development Agency, Lene led the charge in communicating the organization’s value proposition to partners.

Julianna Strong - Marketing Associate

Julianna Strong is a recent honors graduate from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a minor in communications. Currently, she holds the position of Marketing Associate at Laudt Consulting LLC, specializing in content creation, branding, and event planning. With years of sales experience and hands-on involvement in marketing campaign launches, both within on-campus organizations and office settings, we hold high expectations for her performance. 

Jose Santos

Joe Santos - Creative Director

Joe is our Creative Director, a dynamic and innovative leader who thrives on pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of brand strategy, he is able to craft compelling and memorable creative campaigns. His expertise lies in leveraging the power of storytelling, visual design, and emerging technologies to create immersive and engaging experiences. Joe is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that captivate audiences, drive engagement, and amplify brand impact.