Elevating TWC’s Connection with LATAM Customers

The Wise Computer

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Enhancing Engagement and Marketing Strategy for TWC in the Latin American Market


The Wise Computer approached us with a challenge: how to increase engagement with their existing clientele and inform them about new products. As an electronics export company based in Miami, FL, focusing on South American markets, they encountered specific hurdles, including language barriers, cultural nuances, and varied design preferences across Latin American countries.

Business Challenges

1. Language Barrier

The need to communicate in Spanish to cater to the diverse audience in Latin America.

2. Design and Visual Elements

Adapting design elements to align with the preferences of Latin American customers, considering the cultural diversity.

3. Marketing Across Multiple Channels

Determining the most effective social channels for marketing and streamlining the approach, especially with a sales team that had been sending individual emails.


1. Market Research

Studied social media and email marketing campaigns of similar brands in Latin America (e.g., Epson, HP, Crucial) to understand design elements, colors, and strategies that resonated with the audience.

2. Language Adaptation

Utilized a native Spanish speaker on Fiverr to ensure accurate translation and cultural relevance, enhancing content for the Latin American market.

3. Email Campaign Consolidation

Consolidated individual sales team emails into a unified MailChimp platform for consistent and streamlined communication.

4. Social Media Strategy

Selected Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook as primary channels, avoiding TikTok due to its resource-intensive nature.

5. Branding Guidelines

Developed new branding guidelines to maintain consistency across emails and social media, ensuring recognition and a cohesive brand image.

6. Clickable Content

Focused on creating clickable content in emails, with clear calls-to-action (CTAs) placed strategically to prompt immediate responses.

7. Tailored Social Media Content

Tailored content for each social media channel, staggered posts for a retargeting effect, ensuring a broader reach and increased visibility.

8. Results

  • Implemented strategies led to a significant improvement in email open and click rates, achieving a remarkable 25% open rate.
  • Enhanced engagement helped the client meet and exceed their sales targets over the year.

In conclusion, the case study illustrates the importance of tailoring marketing strategies to specific markets, conducting thorough research, and leveraging diverse channels for maximum impact. The success achieved by TWC serves as a testament to the effectiveness of a targeted, culturally sensitive approach in expanding and engaging with a diverse clientele.

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