Automate Trade Show

R3 Solutions & IDC Corporation

Trade show logistics, Graphic design, Branding, Digital marketing.


R3 Solutions, a German startup specializing in wireless technology, faced the challenge of entering the competitive US market. To address this, they decided to participate in the Automate Trade Show, a key event in the automation industry. The case study explores the strategic planning and execution that contributed to R3 Solutions’ successful entry into the US market.

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R3 Solutions recognized the significance of showcasing their wireless technology at a trade show but understood the difficulty of standing out in a crowded event with complex offerings. To overcome this challenge, they collaborated with IDC Corporation, a US-based client utilizing R3 Solutions’ technology in their automated carts. This partnership aimed to demonstrate the practical application of R3 Solutions’ wireless technology.

Strategic Partnerships

The collaboration with IDC Corporation proved instrumental. At the Automate Trade Show, both companies shared a booth without co-branding, maintaining individual identities. The joint display featured a reusable backdrop and a pull-up banner explaining the partnership. This strategic move allowed R3 Solutions to leverage IDC Corporation’s automated carts to showcase real-world applications of their technology.

Strategic Planning and Execution:

1. Preparation and Logistics

  • Thoroughly studied the trade show user guide to ensure compliance with requirements.
  • Early planning, including booth design, height, width, and depth considerations.
  • Utilized reusable backdrops and cost-effective pull-up banners for branding.

2. Printed Materials

  • Engaged for visually appealing and portable fabric booth designs.
  • Prioritized attention-grabbing elements on the backdrop, including the company name, logo, product images, and a QR code for interactive engagement.
  • Designed handout materials for in-depth product explanations, differentiating between R3 Solutions and IDC Corporation.

3. Lead Generation and Outreach

  • Leveraged social media and email campaigns to announce R3 Solutions’ participation at the show.
  • Facilitated meetings by encouraging attendees to schedule slots in advance.
  • Hosted a coffee morning at the booth, attracting early-morning visitors and generating leads.

4. Lead Collection and Follow-Up

  • Utilized QR codes on name tags for easy contact information exchange.
  • Sent personalized LinkedIn invitations to contacts made during the show.
  • Followed up with leads through emails, providing a clear call-to-action for further engagement.


R3 Solutions’ meticulous planning and execution at the Automate Trade Show yielded significant success in various aspects:

  • Increased brand awareness through effective booth design and real-world demonstrations.
  • Successful lead generation with creative tactics such as raffles and interactive displays.
  • Strengthened client relationships through strategic partnerships, particularly with IDC Corporation.
  • Seamless post-event follow-up, nurturing leads, and fostering ongoing engagement.

Performance Breakdown:

The case study of R3 Solutions’ participation in the Automate Trade Show underscores the importance of meticulous planning, strategic partnerships, and creative approaches in achieving success at trade events. By combining effective pre-event preparation, engaging booth design, and robust post-event follow-up, R3 Solutions not only showcased their wireless technology but also established a strong foothold in the competitive US market.

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