Florida Development Finance Corporation


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FDFC is the Florida Development Finance Corporation, which provides bond financing to foster the growth of the Florida economy and communities. They approached our marketing agency with a request to assist them in rebranding and creating marketing collateral for their services. In this case study, we will explore how our simple and effective rebranding strategy helped FDFC reach a broader audience, attract more projects, and effectively communicate their work and services.


FDFC had already redesigned their logo and website before approaching us. We began by rebranding their services into easily understandable one-pager briefs that people could download from their website or receive at meetings, conferences, and trade shows. We reorganized their information, presented it in accessible language, and enhanced visual appeal. With these new briefs, FDFC could effortlessly communicate their offerings and the packages of services they provide.

Marketing Collateral

We also crafted a professional PowerPoint presentation for FDFC, aiding them in client presentations and trade shows. The cornerstone of FDFC’s marketing collateral needed to effectively and professionally convey their services, and that’s precisely what we accomplished. Harnessing the potential of fundamental marketing tools—PowerPoint, graphic PDF documents, and trade show collateral—we strengthened the foundation of FDFC’s brand.

LinkedIn Campaign

FDFC’s primary audience is B2B, so we initiated a LinkedIn campaign, leveraging the platform as a powerful marketing tool for them. We crafted straightforward project announcements on LinkedIn, aiding FDFC in generating more traction and attracting additional projects. LinkedIn also provided FDFC with the opportunity to share their content within their network, enhancing their audience’s understanding of their services and projects.

Conferences and Trade Shows

To highlight FDFC’s brand and services, we created backdrops and printed one-pager briefs for conferences and trade shows. These backdrops and briefs were designed for easy reuse, minimizing future costs for FDFC. We seamlessly incorporated FDFC’s branding and services into its collateral, ensuring prospective clients could quickly grasp their business at a glance.


Our work with FDFC demonstrates how simple marketing strategies can significantly enhance a company’s communication and outreach. Through rebranding, we made FDFC’s services more accessible to its audience. Crafting a professional PowerPoint presentation solidified FDFC’s brand, while LinkedIn campaigns drove projects. Additionally, one-pager briefs and backdrops for conferences and trade shows effectively showcased FDFC’s offerings and brand. The improvement in FDFC’s marketing collateral complements the excellent services they offer. At our marketing agency, we maintain the belief that foundations always matter—simple and effective strategies never go out of style.

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