Boost Your Marketing Efforts with AI

In today’s digital world, staying ahead in marketing requires more than just creativity—it demands innovation and efficiency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, offering powerful tools to enhance your marketing efforts. From automating content creation to personalizing customer interactions, AI in marketing can transform how you connect with your audience. 

In this blog, we’ll explore practical tips and techniques to leverage AI, helping you boost your marketing strategy and achieve remarkable results. So then, let’s talk about how I’ve integrated certain AI tools within my marketing agency so far, starting with graphic design. 

AI’s Role in Graphic Design

To all our graphic designers out there, do not worry, because we still desperately need you. I recall a particular instance where I was looking for an image of a classic Porsche driving down a mountain road scene in a winery road, only to be met with unexpected results. It did not give me what I wanted, and I ended up with some weird-looking results. 

However, I do understand and recognize the importance of giving better prompts, yet again maybe a professional graphic designer would be better at using this. Most likely they would know exactly what they are looking for, which is already an improvement. Despite this, I would still go to graphic design professionals to create original content, as well as using Canva. I firmly believe that original content is still going to be so important. Individuals crave relatability and a reflection of your brand’s authenticity in their interactions. Regardless of what your strategy is, original content is essential.

Content Writing Using AI

I have used AI in multiple ways. For example, when working with a client who needed content in Spanish, I input the text into ChatGPT to get it translated. I also use Jasper for this purpose, as it offers multiple templates and prompts that provide the necessary information to make the output easier to generate. Additionally, I write content and sometimes ask ChatGPT to improve it. While it can enhance the text, I still refine it myself. Using prompts wisely is crucial.

Buffer has a prompt feature that creates social media text for you, and Canva offers numerous designs where you can input your text, which it then improves and checks for spelling errors. 

I’ve also used AI for German language content. Although I speak German, writing it is challenging, so I review the AI-generated text for accuracy. I apply the same process to Spanish content.

It’s important to remember that AI-generated text can sometimes lack your personal tone. For instance, I’ve experimented with tones inspired by Christian Hannah, Reese Witherspoon, Anderson Cooper, Simon Sinek, and Adam Grant to find the closest match. However, I always advise making the text your own. 

For example, I never use the phrase ‘this is fantastic’; most people who know me, know this instead, I say ‘this is awesome,’ and people recognize that. So, ensure you adjust the tone to suit your style.

Finally, I find ChatGPT very helpful for proofreading my work. When it’s just me, having a second set of eyes to check for spelling and grammar mistakes is invaluable. And this is honestly the most honest and helpful way to use ChatGPT

Using AI in Marketing 

While AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Buffer, and Canva offer remarkable capabilities in enhancing both written and visual content, they cannot fully replace the unique touch of human creativity and expertise. These tools are invaluable for streamlining workflows, translating languages, and generating ideas, but the final product should always be reviewed and personalized to maintain authenticity and connection with your audience. 

As we continue to embrace AI in our marketing strategies, it is essential to use these technologies as complementary assets that support, rather than replace, the human touch in our creative processes. By striking the right balance, we can leverage AI to boost our marketing efforts while preserving the originality and authenticity that our audiences value.

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